Mazda SKYACTIV® Technology in Downers Grove, IL Drivers


New Mazda SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY Available in Downers Grove, IL

Mazda SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY is the result of taking all the crucial parts of a vehicle and completely redesigning them. With fuel efficiency and performance in mind, Mazda has developed SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY for drivers in the Downers Grove, IL area who enjoy a vehicle with vigor and fantastic fuel economy.

How Does Mazda SKYACTIV® Increase Fuel Efficiency?

There are quite a few factors that play into the impressive fuel efficiency and exhilarating performance of Mazda vehicles equipped with SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY.

Mazda SKYACTIV® Engines

Downers Grove, IL area drivers can pin incredible fuel efficiency on Mazda SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY engines, which are available in both gasoline and diesel form. These hard working engines use every last drop of fuel, resulting in enhanced fuel economy and a happier wallet.
  • SKYACTIV®-G Gasoline Engine - This engine produces the world's highest gasoline engine compression ratio of 14.0:1. Fuel efficiency and torque are also vastly improved because of the high compression combustion.
  • SKYACTIV®-D Diesel Engine -SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY found in the Mazda diesel engine results in 20% better fuel economy due to a low compression ratio of 14.0:1. It also plays a positive role in environmental impact and delivers smooth direct response along with impressive acceleration.

Mazda SKYACTIV® Transmissions

Whether drivers in the Downers Grove, IL area prefer an automatic or manual transmission, Mazda SKYACTIV® transmissions surrender a breathtaking driving experience and help conserve fuel.

  • SKYACTIV®-Drive - A self-proclaimed "ideal automatic transmission," the SKYACTIV®-DRIVE is built to deliver the direct feel of a manual transmission with the effortlessness of an automatic transmission. Did we mention it provides exceptional fuel economy at low speeds?
  • SKYACTIV®-MT - You will find the SKYACTIV®-MT manual transmission to administer noteworthy fuel efficiency and a sports car-like drive to have even more fun driving around Downers Grove, IL. 

Mazda SKYACTIV® Platform

Lighter materials in Mazda SKYACTIV® technology models may seem like a given when it comes to optimal fuel efficiency. Surprisingly, there are other elements that fall into place to provide great fuel economy and even the safety for drivers in the Downers Grove, IL area.

  • SKYACTIV®-BODY - With a weight reduction of 8%, Mazda SKYACTIV®-BODY vehicles not only provide greater fuel efficiency, but also increase driver and passenger safety with a performance that exceeds IIHS criteria for crash safety rating.
  • SKYACTIV®-CHASSIS - Front and rear suspensions have been completely redesigned to receive the best fuel economy possible. A lightweight cross member and electric power system help Mazda SKYACTIV®TECHNOLOGY models acquire proper balance and nimble handling.

To learn more about Mazda SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY, head to the Mazda USA website. Get behind the wheel of a Mazda SKYACTIV® technology vehicle when you visit Pugi Mazda. Drivers in the Downers Grove, IL area can set up a test drive through our online form or by calling us at (877) 827-9086.

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