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Pugi Mazda Simplifies Car Maintenance

Preemptiveness pays off. Doctor check-ups prevent ailments, the dentist creates cavity-free smiles and although you might not give it much thought, car service technicians lengthen car lifespan. The car equivalent to our own health care professionals, service technicians eliminate the need to fork over huge money sums or find an alternative mode of transport through routine car maintenance; they work to prevent future untimely and costly breakdowns.

Use the maintenance schedule tool below to see when your vehicle is due…

At Pugi Mazda, we encourage our drivers to stay atop their car’s maintenance requirements but are understanding that is not always easy to do. Not sure which car components you should be mindful of or services to schedule? Let us help clarify:

Keep Refills and Replacements: Always have windshield washer fluid and keep your oil that light brown, honey color through an oil change, filter replacement and fluid top-off
Battery Inspection: Ensure your car battery is keeping its full charge–especially if you have had it for three years–and have it either cleaned up or replaced.
Tire TLC: Make sure your tires are wearing evenly with a tire rotation and pressure check.
Exterior Upkeep: Replace any dead exterior lights or worn-out wiper blades.
Multipoint Inspection: Have every nook and cranny looked at to ensure you aren’t skipping over any details.

In our service center, our ASE certified service technicians apply their expertise, factory-approved diagnostics and genuine Mazda parts and lubricants to ensure you and your car don’t hit any preventable snags on the road ahead.

Easily stay on top of car maintenance by keeping a close eye and ear on your car and by taking advantage of our service scheduler application. Never fret what could have been avoided in the first place. Have all your car maintenance needs completed by our factory-trained technicians here in Downers Grove, where we are more than happy to help the greater Naperville, Chicago, Glendale Heights and Wheaton region.