CX-9 can fit your whole family in style

While many car buyers have the luxury of choosing their vehicle for what best fits their individual taste, some of us need our vehicle for its most basic purpose, transportation. For those of us with bigger families or just more people and things to transport there is now an option that rivals any vehicle out there on the market today. A Chicago Mazda dealer believes whether you need the room or not the Mazda CX-9 is a top rate vehicle. Gone are the days where you need a minivan, the CX-9 can suit all your needs and do it with style.


The Mazda CX-9 has seven passenger seating. The third row provides an option for optimal seating or cargo room. However, Mazda has not sacrificed your wallet for more space. Chicago Mazda 3 drivers were shocked to hear that even with all that room the CX-9 can still reach a fuel economy of 24 miles per gallon, that is better than some four seat automobiles. The CX-9 does not cramp passengers in just to fit them, this is an automobile that can actually fit seven comfortably, and with all the style and extras you will have a hard time keeping your friends and family out of this vehicle.


The CX-9 is not just about fitting your whole family in for the road trip. This is a vehicle you will want to be seen in and you will love to drive. The CX-9 has a sexy, sporty look that will please a lot of palates. The Xenon headlights and alloy wheels add to the aggressive look. Privacy glass also offers a great option to keep your passengers happy and peaceful. Occupants of the CX-9 will also love the leather-trimmed seats and the multiple compartments throughout the vehicle. The top rate navigation system and adjustable seat will keep the driver satisfied as well. Also, advanced safety systems like the Blind Spot Monitoring system also keep the driver and passengers’ minds at ease. The CX-9 is certain to keep you safe and satisfied no matter where you are going. Visit your local Mazda dealer to check out this spacious automobile.

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